• What is your experience in photography?

    I have been in the industry for the past 30 years.

    What is the difference between you and other photographers?

    Experience is the answer. Our photographs will be of international quality with our tradition weaved in between. Every precious moment of your wedding will be recorded (CANDID PHOTOGRAPHY) without your knowledge. Our photo album will be of highest quality and persons looking at the album will surely as who did this job.
    Cheap & best is not Fast, Fast & Cheap is not Best, Best & Fast is not Cheap

  • How important is a wedding for you?

    We all know that every wedding event is very important for the family members organizing it. The same way every weddings is important for us, hence we make sure that all the Invaluable moments of your wedding is recorded in a professional manner.

    Will you do the job personally or you will send some assistants?

    Mostly I do the job personally, as we accept only one order per wedding day. Moreover, our team comprising of experienced young talents will be there to assist me.

  • What type of equipments do you use?

    We normally use high end digital SLR cameras to shoot your wedding. We have professional as assistants; hence you are assured of best quality pictures.

    What is your delivery time of images and albums?

    For Photography with Album packages, the designed albums will be delivered to you within 18 days from the date of receiving the list, if you select the photographs to be designed into a album. Otherwise, if we select the pictures, the created album will be delivered to you within 18 days from the date of event.

  • Why should we go for TDS,while many other photographers available at much lesser?

    The “Wedding Day” happens only once in everyone’s life. The only available memory of wedding is photo album & DVD’s. Hence you should be very careful in selection your photographer. When you spend thousands & lakhs on wedding arrangements,Why to take risk just for the sake of cost. The total amount you spend on a wedding, will impact only when a professional photographer like us, shoots & record them professionally.​ In short,TDS Photographers believes that every aspect, like your dress, jewellry, decorations, locations, food, natural expressions and heart-felt emotions should be recorded at beautiful angles, even without your knowledge. That is the DIFFERENCE.