In every social function or social gathering, we provide the high quality photos which can give you great memories for future to cherish.

Social Functions

We as professional photographers, ensure that your business events are captured properly. We provide the high quality services to customers .


Professional Photographs should be very elegant and decent. We are very proficient in this and capture the photographs that are unique.




The Best Services

Birthday parties

Birthdays are occasions where it is very necessary to capture the moment and save.

Engagement functions

Engagement is very special occasion for couples as well as their families. While couple exchanges the rings.


When anyone performs; be it dance or singing, it becomes mandatory to record their each and every moment to keep it as a reminder for their class performance.

Educational Institutions

Institutions Whether it is school or college there are number of events being organized every now and then. This also includes cultural fests, sports day, etc.


Family Get together is the perfect time to click lots of photographes. Well, keep posing as we are always there to capture all your loving moments.


When you enter your new house; that moment is worth preserving for life time. With TDS you don’t need to worry about photography of your new house, as we will do that perfectly.

Naming Ceremony

Naming Cermeonies are considered as the most auspicious day for child and his family. These moments last forever and we do it for them by recording these perfect moments.

Religious Functions

In India, every other day we find a reason to celebrate festivals. Every festival marks one more day of our prosperous life and photographs of such festivals make us relive those moments.

Shreemantham Ceremony

This ceremony holds lot of importance for mother and child. These moments can be treasured forever with the really great clicks.

Wedding / Wedding anniversary

Weddings Anniversary is a day when couples live those moments of wedding again. These moments should be saved for lifetime as a toast of toghetherness.

Anniversary celebrations

Anniversaries are just another reason to celebrate. We love to capture those fun moments from your important day.

Ad films

Apart from coming up with great services for usual functions and event; we also engage ourselves in the videography and photoshoot for making of any ad film.

Brand Launches

We preserve all the promises made while brand launches and product launches. Considering it as very important event for the corporates; we do excellent videography and photography for that.

Corporate Communication Events

These events also include press realease, corporate movies, etc. We extend our services for such critical events as well.


Conferences are organized for important discussions and meeting. We provide our peer less services for these conferences as well.


At exhibitions photos are the most important things that people notice. We undertake the responsibility to handle such events.

Founders day

Apart from the total professional gatherings, we also look into after the events like founders day capturing some remarkable moments.

Business Establishments

In India, opening ceremonies are organized in proper traditional ways. We capture all the essence in that and come up with great record of photographs and videos.


Number of events like seminars find an important place on professional levels. We understand the importance of these events and capture the most promising moments.

Training programs

There should always be a genuine record of training programs, so as to influence the future generations and keep the useful track for students as well.